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Your vintage vehicle doesn’t need to function like an “old car.” For many years D&P has been the industry leader in updating classic American vehicles. Our safety and comfort upgrades include such improvements as disc brakes, modern power steering, air conditioning, and much more. The heart and soul of any car is the engine. Over the years D&P has modernized an extensive number of classics through the installation of a modern power train. Chevrolet Performance Parts offers a wide variety of options including both small and big block performance engines along with a wide variety of fuel injected engines.

P/N 12496968 - 350/330 HP Deluxe Engine by GM Performance Parts
GM Performance HO 350

GM Performance Big Block 572

Whether you prefer the ZZ4 small block, the 572 cubic inch block, or the latest, greatest LS3 to the LS9 we’ve been there done that and have the build to prove it. These all new General Motors performance engines are available in horsepower ranges from 290 for the basic 350 engine up to 720 for the big bad ZZ572/720R monster motor. GM also offers a wide variety of Fuel Injected performance engines.

2012 "LS3" 6.2L V-8 (LS3) for Chevrolet Camaro

GM Performance LS3

2009 LSA 6.2L V-8 (LSA) for Cadillac CTS-V
GM Performance LSA

GM Performance LS9
GM Performance LS9

There are several LS3 engines available from 430 Horsepower to 525 romping horsepower. GM also offers two supercharged/fuel injected engines, the LSA (556 Horsepower) and the LS9 (638 Horsepower). Already have an LS engine in your classic? D&P can add a supercharger to wake it up. We sell and install a variety of supercharger options. For those of you who drive later model vehicles (1995 and earlier) GM also offers the EROD Crate Engine System. This option allows California vehicle owners the ability to legally modernize your favorite vehicle and remain emission compliant. Most Chevrolet Performance Engines come with a comprehensive warranty, one of the best in the industry. They also offer a wide variety of accessories for all of their crate engines. The installation of a modern power train provides the power, dependability, and put the fun factor back into your ride. Many owners report fuel mileage in the 20+ MPG range with their fuel injected versions along with a notably cleaner burning engine. Some engines require premium fuel and the ZZ572/720R requires 110 octane race gas. D&P can also modernize many late model GM vehicles like the new Camaro with a supercharger or other performance options. Well, what are your waiting for? Life is short, let’s update your hot rod with that power plant you’ve always wanted!

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