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Featured Car: 1960 Nash Metropolitan Convertible for Diane

Here’s another one of those neat stories about a family and their classic cars. As most of you know, D&P specializes in restoring and modernizing vehicles primarily from General Motors, but we’re always up for a challenge! Southern California native Diane contacted D&P and inquired about restoring a classic of hers that was near and dear to her heart. You see, Diane is the owner of a 1960 Nash Metropolitan convertible that was originally owned by her father, and the classic...

’65 Impala to be brought back to life

’65 Impala to be brought back to life The car was among hundreds of barely driven Chevys that spent decades in a Nebraska field. BY SUSAN CARPENTER / STAFF WRITER Orange County Register Published: July 16, 2014 Updated: 4:21 p.m. It has been almost a year since hundreds of decrepit, yet barely driven, Chevys went up for auction in a small Nebraska town, fetching more than half a million dollars for a retired auto dealer. The Field of Dreams, as it was called, received national media...
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