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California considers the return of black license plates

Anyone who has ever scanned listings for classic cars has likely seen sellers boasting of a “black-plate car,” in reference to the California-native 1960s-era vehicle they have on offer. These era-correct license plates have long been viewed as a sort of badge of honor among West Coast enthusiasts, one that has been recognized by car folk across the country. Now the state of California is preparing to issue brand-new license plates with the familiar chrome-yellow digits on a black...

Ebay/PayPal now taxing online sales!

We have recieved an email and are VERY sorry to report the following information below that is quoted directly from PayPal. It’s important to note that ebay owns PayPal, and ebay of course makes PayPal it’s only real functional form of payment. Sounds a bit shady to us but that’s just our opinion! However, now they want your Social Security Number! Something to think about! www.JunkYardFind.com believes that you should be able to accept ANYTHING you want as far as payment....
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